Let’s Get Started

We require at a minimum your home address to get started on your customized home evaluation. Each home evaluation is completed by one of the licensed REALTORS® on The Cowley Team.


Home Questions

To calculate the value of your home we need some basic information. More often than not we will be able to find the information from a prior MLS listing of your property. If your home is newer or has not been listed for quite some time, one of our friendly support staff will contact you with some common questions: Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms etc.


How We Find The Value

While there are many factors that go into evaluating a property, we have a proven method to find the value of your home in any market conditions.


Customized Home Report

Once we have determined the value of your home we will send you a PDF copy of your home evaluation. Your evaluation will include relevant information such as similar properties actively for sale in your community, similar properties that have recently sold and our pricing recommendation.


Contact Us With Your Questions

Once you have reviewed your home evaluation, feel free to reach out and ask questions. We do this every day so we understand that you will have questions about how we arrived at your homes value. We’re always available to help clarify the information.